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Our Food

There are many thoughts about diet and nutrition these days, with widely differing views.

Our own thoughts are that the fresher the food the better. Our meals are made from scratch from as locally grown ingredients as possible.  

We grow many of our ingredients at our own farm, and partner with other small farmers who are dedicated to growing naturally healthful foods.

Most of the  farms we partner with are not certified organic, however they practice natural growing techniques, avoiding pesticides in favor of natural remedies.

Knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown is our first step towards bringing delicious and healthy foods to your table.

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     (417) 929-1338

Order ahead then pick up your farm fresh breakfast and lunches on the go.
Or pick up dinner on the way home

Tuesday - Saturday
6am - 7pm

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In the Kitchen

While Breakfast Burritos are our specialty, we have many other meals to enjoy as well as daily specials

  • Tuesday-
  • Wednesday
    -Personal Pizza
  • Thursday
    -Taco Salad
  • Friday
    - Chili Dog made with local pasture raised pork
  • Saturday
    -Fresh Spring rolls with sweet chili peanut sauce