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Little Farm Store update September 2022

August was HOT and busy. Thank goodness for the recent rains! In August, Little Farm Store hosted the first farm event at Pleasant Valley farm with a picnic gathering at the beginning of the month and supplied food for Buckin A Ranch in Ava for their first schooling show at the end of the month. Both events were a big success!

The Pleasant Valley Farm picnic was a lot of fun, and we so enjoyed the opportunity to foster connections with people. The food was delicious! A big shout out to Pleasant Valley Farm, Breezeway Farm, Ron’s Microgreens, Four Season Teas,. And a special thank you to our friends Luke and Hanna Townsley for helping with setting up and for running the grill - you were a HUGE help! It was great watching the kids play and enjoy the farm, making connections of their own. Strengthening community is an integral part of the local economy movement, and these kinds of events are key to that mission. It was an uplifting experience. Thank you to everyone who came out to share it, and we look forward to the next event!

Little Farm Store made a new connection with Amber and Jimmy from Buckin’ A Ranch. Amber contacted Ryan about catering a horse show they planned to host. Ryan was able to connect Amber with a great cook, Lisa Malley, and agreed to source local ingredients for the food at the event. So, while we were not directly involved, we still got to meet new people. The show was a big success. The kids were fun to watch; many of them had never been in a horse show before, so it was a positive introduction for them. Amber and Jimmy are compassionate people, and it was great to work with them. It was another heart-warming example of creating community. The turn out was really good and everyone had a ton of fun. Little Farm Store looks forward to collaborating on future events!

We have had such a wonderful start to this new business, and we are looking forward to its continued growth. We are already planning for next season and know that getting more farmers is the key to success. If you are a producer, or know someone who wants to become a market producer, be sure to send them our way. Ryan has already successfully connected producers and customers. Continued growth is balanced in equal growth of producers and customers. The customer base needs more producers! And that is great news! Thank you to all our customers and producers working together to make this dream a reality. Securing a sustainable local food system becomes more and more important each day in these uncertain times. We are all a part of making it work!

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