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Our Mission

Little Farm Store Association's goal is to build a bridge that connects people with their local food community while enhancing regional prosperity through local food purchases.

Members become connected to a wide variety of food producers and can get more involved with their local food community through events, education, and volunteer opportunities

Fresh Organic Vegetables

How This Works

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1.  Join Little Farm Store Association

Little Farm Store Association (LFSA) is a private association. By joining, you are entering into a private contract between you and other LFSA members. 

It is important that your read and understand the agreement. This agreement is what allows members access to local products that are publicly unavailable.

2.  Connect with
your community

After you become a member, you will be able to access our online listings and purchase food and other products directly from the people who grow and make it.


Members are able to choose the food that was raised or made using practices that align with their own values. 


Get the freshest products possible outside of your own garden, and get them brought to your door with weekly delivery.

See our delivery area
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3.  Build Local Prosperity

Supporting local business helps the people within our communities prosper by keeping more money circulating closer to home.


When we support local farmers, producers, and businesses, the money from those transactions stays within the community helping our region thrive.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

What Our Members Say

Emily S.

Little Farm Store has been so great to work with! They are easy to communicate with and always give the best products! We love being customers of Little Farm Store!

Terry M.

Ordering from little farm store puts time back in my hands to do things I want to do while I'm also getting fresh, nutrient-dense food delivered right to my door. It is a total win-win.

Naara K.

I feel very grateful for and appreciative to the Little Farm Store. They combine two values and nutritional aspects that I believe strongly in - eating clean and eating local. Thank you!

Anna G.

It’s been wonderful to be able to get high quality, locally produced veggie, milk, and bread while supporting our local economy. LFS has been a blessing!

Sally F.

LFS provides an excellent opportunity to order products from local growers and producers, supporting our local community in delivering quality and healthy foods. I highly recommend it!

Victoria M.

Little Farm Store has been such a blessing to my family. Access to an amazing selection of local farms where I get my weekly staples (grass-fed meat, fresh milk, produce) delivered right to my door!

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