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What is a PMA?

and how do I join?

Step 1:  Read and sign the membership agreement

   Little Farm Store Association is a private member association, and to join you must agree to a private contract between all LFSA members. Read it HERE.

This contract allows you to engage in private transactions between our members. These transactions  are not subject to government agency oversight or to  public statutes and regulations. By joining this association you are choosing to exercise your natural right of private contract to choose food and products that align with your own values.

Step 2:  Pay your membership dues

After you have created an account by agreeing to the membership agreement you will be asked to purchase your membership as either a monthly or a yearly payment.  This minimal membership fee gives your access to the members forum, members social feed, access to our online market and access to additional exclusive content and event invitations. We also charge a one time set-up fee which covers the deposits for reusable bottles, insulated bags, ice packs and other items needed for proper delivery.

Step 3:  Login, Shop and Experience

Once your account is created you are able to shop on our online market. 

There you will find a wide variety of locally grown and crafted products. As a member you can connect directly with these producers and learn more about their craft.

For specific details for ordering and delivery time please see our FAQ page

Farm Fresh Groceries Delivered to Your Door

We pick up items from producers each Wednesday, so you get the freshest harvest possible before your delivery day! Shop from the comfort of your home, on your own schedule. Skip the line at the store and fill your cart with great, local products many which are unavailable at big box stores, and enjoy fresh local food, delivered right to you.


Ready to join? 
If you have any questions please email, call, or open the chat box on the lower right corner of the screen and ask us directly!

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